Saturday, July 20, 2013

Daniel Kimbrough

On March 19, 2013, a man at my church with 3 young children had a severe stroke. He is having to relearn everything. This man was once my bible class teacher and it was one of the most interesting classes I've been a part of. He was a very intelligent man with a great personality! He loved to lead singing and praise God with all his being. He is currently doing very well and has left Shepherd's Center in Atlanta to come back home to Alabama. He can understand a lot of what you say and can say a few words! I am so proud of Daniel Kimbrough!! Him and his family are a blessing and he will forever be a hero to me!!! ♥

We had a benefit for him and his family on June 15th, and we raised over $30,000!

Two very special friends: Heidi and Mahayla ♥

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