Thursday, November 15, 2012

Camp Ney-A-Ti 2012

This is definately going to be a looooonnnngggg post, so hang in there, y'all!
Camp Ney-A-Ti has always been the best camp to go to! Plainview has always gone to Ney-A-Ti, and we absoulutely LOVE it! It is very hard to sum last's weekend up in words, much less a blog! But I'm going to try! Here it goes:
The sky was so pretty before we left! ♥

My bunk-mate! Robin!

Us ♥ We got out duck faces on!

Robin, Mahayla, and Me


Mahayla and me

Acting like Spiderman! I love you Robin!

Of course I joined in, y'all!

Us together and all of out CrAzInEsS!!!

Us again...

and again...

and again...

Going down the slide (: FAIL!

At the bonfire! It is Ney-A-Ti tradition to sit around the bonfire on Saturday night and share our memories about the weekend! It was amazing! With out awesome fellowship together, I cannot imagine what heaven is going to be like! Can y'all?

Sunday morning near the lake ♥

Sierra being baptized by her big brother, Cameron! I ♥ y'all! She was baptized first, and then after worship, so was Harrison. When we got back to church, Nathan got baptized, and then that night, Samantha got baptized! And Wednesday night at 5:00pm Sara was baptized! All in all, we had FIVE baptisms. That is awesome! God is so amazing! Words cannot describe ♥

Random Spiderman picture again!

Saturday with all my girls!


We got so much closer to each other and God this weekend! We are so close now and no one will be able to take it away from us!


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